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I do not do a lot of illustration other than simple ones and this form of single line drawings a little while ago. I like it for a number of reasons including the idea that everything is all connected, we're all connected in some way with everything else everywhere. If you ever need anything like this, you know who to call.

Demon Face Single Lie Drawing
Bird Face Single Line Drawing
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I am currently looking. In the meanwhile I have a few projects I would like to get done but also a few sites. Some just being kept in my hip pocket until I can make them do what I want them to do, while one is done in terms of initial writing.

Those awaiting future greatness include and though I may start using the Uniter to engage the world.

I come to the visual and media arts from a unique perspective, that of a budding biochemist who studied brain chemistry to determine how the mind works. It has served well in the years since.

On that topic my thesis is up at:

An organism can be said to be evolved beyond its peers if it can do one of two or both of the following: 1. Better Sense the Environment; 2. Better Manipulate the environment.

By using this metric and going back following the evolution of life on the planet we can show that the mind or consciousness arose due to organism's better sensing and/or manipulating a part of the Time environment through calcium-based kinases, in particular the CAMKII complex.

What's happening currently is that physics is hamstrung by the idea of particles, as in Nature there is nothing that is singular or unmoving. It is a 'hangover' from evolution that we focus so much on the idea of particles, as that is all we need to be successful creatures.

So the idea of many universes a la string theory is close but misinterprets the data. There is not 25 universes or anything like that, what we have with the sub-atomic can best be described as 4D interactions. Same way a continent smushes against another and we get 3D cliffs, 4D is a 'landscape' with different objects and interactions between them. These interactions gives rise to most of what we sense on Earth. What we see as an electron is just the result of different or similar Nodes interacting with each other subatomically. We are measuring an event horizon, not a particle per say.

Our minds arose out of this 4D landscape when organisms were saturated with calcium inside them and outside in their environment allowing the calcium-kinases to interact with this 4D landscape. 

In order to really get into the sub atomic we need to develop maths based upon constantly moving and interacting fields which according to me are composed of Nodes. Different Node shapes and structures account for differences between metals and non-metals periodically for example.

I came at it from a biochemistry p.o.v. and ended up here when the evidence did.

There some freaky stuff associated with this. Don't be scared!! One of them is an Icon of the Horned God of Nature on my left hand from birth. I deal with it starting here.

Biological Horned God Icon on my left hand
Close up of Horned God Icon




Resume here.