The House of Tripper

About The House of Tripper

Well hello there!

I have a long history in editorial, graphcs, audio, video, interactve and coordination/direction/supervision.

I originally studied the sciences in particular Biochemistry of the mind and that knowledge of human perceptions have allowed me to be very good in this field.

I initialy became aware of the world growing up in the Green Mountains a few miles away from where Simon Fraser grew up. Not even a village, just a development near Bennington, Vermont. Though I was born in Montreal but left as a wee baby a few weeks/months old after my parent married a man in New England.

Like Simon Fraser but in a different way for a different century, I too then went to Montreal as boy and even gasp Toronto for a few years before finding myself in the place my Mountain Brother 'found', here in Vancouver, BC for over ten years now.

Something about the land drew both of us though I had no idea I shared this common heritage with Simon Fraser when I first came out here, but it certainly does make sense now :D

This site

The site itself is made up of components that I created solely. I do tend to do a lot of photography and collect images for later use in design.

I've always been strong in incorporating photos in design as I did a lot of typography, including making faces in my early career. With Photography I went through a B&W phase in order to get an excellent sense of composition which helped when I did video and even interactive work.