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Thursday, Oct 3, 2013

Going to a Balanced Design Blog where we look at both Sweet Designs in green and Design Boo Boos in red.

On that note, let us all enjoy the lovely, world-famous Van Dusen Gardens Sweet Design before going down further for the awful errors, a lot of which come from government-based organizations.

Fri, Sep 20, 2013

Van Dusen Gardens has a beautiful Visitors Center but you do not have to even step through the doors to see the excellent design aesthetics that went into its development. They have a a series of these outside, showing you, 1. The actual plant; 2. Plant name; 3. Where to find it in the Gardens. Winner!

The very definition of sensible and beautiful design.

Van Dusen Gardens Plant Information

Names, what they look like, LOVELY!

Van Dusen Gardens Plant Information

Location, location, location!

Van Dusen Gardens Plant Information

Monday, Sep 2, 2013

It seems we never lose that back-to-school sense of importance and productivity we love, new friends, new classes, new learning, new thoughts, new feelings, as we become one with this Time of Year. Enjoy my friends, enjoy today for tomorrow we embrace the future!

Wednesday, Aug 28, 2013

The Price Smart / Save On Foods Flyer online presentation is the best I have seen so far. It is all there, fast, period.

Friday, Aug 16, 2013

We'll just hang another sign on this sign explaining what this picture means. That's cool, right?

The Compass Card: Confusing The Masses Of Transit

Tuesday, Aug 13, 2013

Pick on the little guy day as we show one sidewalk sign that lost its way.

The Library Florist: The Do As I Say, Not As I Do Edition, Tuesday, Aug 13, 2013

Saturday, Aug 10,2013

Listen, if you want to break into cars or buildings and steal stuff, free tools the city has laying around work real good.

City of Vancouver, Naivety Is No Way To Run A City Edition, Saturday, Aug 10, 2013

Thursday, Aug 8,2013

Apple really, really likes Microsoft Surface ever since Lion came out, and thinks you should too. Wait, what?

Apple's new Mountain Lion Mantra, Screw The Users! Thursday, Aug 8, 2013

Wednesday, Aug 7 ,2013

The Bike Lane to Nowhere.

City of Vancouver, Is That Really A Bike Lane Edition? Wednesday, Aug 7, 2013

Tuesday, Aug 6 ,2013

Disgustingly Boneheaded Advertising.

City of Vancouver, Advertising Division Tuesday Aug 6, 2013

We will love you with our killing.

Trask Industries Fake "Feel Good, Warm & Fuzzy" Commercial