Welcome to The House of Tripper!

This is the first full site I have ever created and maintained strictly in code. Previously I relied on the 'Design' pane of Dreamweaver then later Flash but enjoyed creating initial interactive art in Fireworks. Started all three 1.0 with the well-loved Macromedia.

Quick Notes

I start all my online designs with a black background. I do this mainly because it is the most energy efficient way to do things. When you have white or colors on screen, they take up more energy. With black, the color value of 'RGB 0,0,0' means no phosphors need to be on to display the color black, using very little if any energy at all. White in RGB is '255,255,255' which means each of the three phosphors red, green and blue must be fully energized in order to see the white color. Sure there are occasions where I will use white or some other color as a background depending upon client needs, however for my own stuff it's all black behind and then colors, graphics, images, text and whatever on top to create the complete picture.

There are two different types of animations depending upon the size of your browser window. The simple, smaller, just vertical circles interface is for phones. The 'hover' command is a little problematic on handheld, so I did a simpler iteration where it is obvious what button does what. The 'sweet' interface is reserved for laptop, desktop and tablet browsers where it is easy to discover what a moving object on screen is supposed to be doing. I really like the large screen interface but with responsive web design we often have to make compromising changes in order to work on mobile. I hope you find the motion between the two interfaces in congruence with each other even though they are, apparently, different interfaces.

I am better at creating interactive elements and/or pieces for websites, versus the entire website even though my layout skills are pretty close to perfect. Video, audio, photocompositions, ads, editorial, interactive with Flash or CSS3, these are the things in which I am best. I have a huge graphic arts background using many different media to pull it all together. I have had and still do have a number of sites, some waiting and some active but what I do best is the content that goes into sites or creating interactive experiences for users. My strongest desire is to work together in a team with some cross-functionality but each of us having core specialties that complement each other to achieve great things together.


Some of the work from around 2003 to 2005 was too much for the browsers, CPU's, and/or graphics cards of most users. It was not because the files were too large, the tech back then just could not handle alphas over gradients or alpha gradients over other images, alphas etc without chugging down to what appeared to be like 2 frames a secondarily, if you were lucky. Having worked in different types of audio and video as well as writing, editing and photography previously I really loved working with interactive but Flash kept changing Action-script with every release. When it finally went to a more Java-like syntax aside the weaker tech I stopped creating online interfaces. I did some cool stuff for the time with video and audio but the zeitgeist was too far behind me as I went beyond what the audience could experience in my zeal.


Fast forward 9 years later after taking a coders for designers online course at Aquent Gymnasium, I finally found that a relatively easy, semantic syntax for creating interactive and animated interfaces had become a worldwide standard: CSS3.


There is no question the future is now. We must start creating very cool responsive websites from now onwards. At least for entertainment companies or products wanting to brand themselves as fun, for example musicians and their recorded and live work, films, video gaming companies, sodas, etc.

There is no reason these companies, or anyone else in my opinion, need to have 'word-press-like' sites anymore. We can do more, a lot more and make them responsive.

The sooner we begin creating these types of sites, the greater everyone will be, forever. I am definitely looking forward to see what CSS4 brings.

There are a lot more work samples to be added to the portfolio pages in the weeks ahead, as events warrant. Work on clients/employer stuff matter more than my own pr.

Version 1.0 Challenges

There are things that I haven't been able to figure out quickly on my own. The biggest challenge I had was no 'net access at home. It was very difficult to try new stuff while also just learning with no 'net to cushion my falls. And there were plenty of falls and stumbles that had me visiting coffee shops, libraries and employment centers to seek answers online. Tedious and frustrating sure, but the fruit grown in the end will be the sweetest of them all.

There are many differences between trying to create animated, interactive interfaces in CSS3 vs Flash. A lot of limitations but I am very happy to have discovered them as it means we can now formulate how to go forward. In CSS3 we have different 'divs or sections instead of a timeline. There are timeline functions in creating a pure animation, but adding interactivity to these is very different than in Flash. Just one example, anything you put into a div, stays in the div. So if you want something to happen in one part of the screen to be triggered in another, it all has to be in one div. This causes issues with making content visible/invisible and be animated. Talk to me to discover more, if you like.

About Michael Tripper

I have a long history in editorial, graphics, audio, video, interactive and coordination/direction/supervision. I originally studied the sciences in particular the Biochemistry of the mind in college and university. That knowledge of human perceptions and behaviors have allowed me to be quite good in media, along with a natural talent for writing, rhythm and visual aesthetics.

I initially became aware of the world growing up in the Green Mountains a few miles away from where Simon Fraser grew up. Not even a village, just a development near Bennington, Vermont. Though I was born in Montreal, left as a wee baby a few weeks/months old after my parent married a man in New England. Like Simon Fraser but in a different way for a different century, I too then went to Montreal as boy and even Toronto for a few years before finding myself in the place my Mountain Brother 'found', here in Vancouver, BC back in May 2003. Something about the land drew both of us though I had no idea I shared this common heritage with Simon Fraser when I first came out here, but it certainly does make sense now.

Tweaking and more content will be added to this site in the days/weeks ahead. Look for me on twitter or email me for updates.

Michael Tripper
May 24, 2014